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Learning at GD Goenka High School takes place in our wholesome environment, surrounding our learners with nature, beauty and time to enjoy the outdoors. Together we learn, grow and explore thus laying the foundation for our future!

Our curriculum fully engages each child, nurturing and inspiring them as their unique gifts unfold. Our approach is unhurried, intentional, and deeply informed by our understanding of childhood and adolescent development. Academics are learned through experience and experimentation, not memorisation. Days are filled with collaborative learning experiences, experimenting, creative works, art, drama and listening to stories. Our educators are dedicated to generating an inner enthusiasm for learning within every child.

When children are inspired to work together, collaborate, challenge themselves and try things their true selves shine. Our students are known for their creativity, problem-solving, and an unwavering sense that they can take action in the world. We invite you to partner with us to help your child in becoming their best self and finding their path in life!

The salient features of our curriculum are

Three fold

Our curriculum emphasises on the importance of achieving balance in the three different ways in which a person relates to the world - through physical activity, the life of the emotions and the realm of thinking. Head, heart and hand are all equally important for the development of the child and are the basis of our approach.

Hands-on and age appropriate

We believe learning is an experiential activity. It’s not a matter of doing without certain experiences, it’s a matter of introducing children to each experience at the right time in their development. Children develop the knowledge, self-awareness, and problem-solving skills through years of hands-on inquiry. This method of learning has far greater value to them as learners and as human beings than anything they could have picked up by sitting at a screen.

Sequential Arrangement of Learning Experiences/Spiralling

The learning methodology is sequenced in such a manner that as the children progress through classes they revisit certain topics or themes several times where the depth and complexity of the concept will increase with each revisit. Objectives are sequenced in terms of increasing complexity and in terms of their relative importance. Here mastery of one objective requires prior mastery of another and are sequenced from cause to effect. Familiar topics are considered before unfamiliar ones.

Well-Being & Resilience

We engage students, teachers, staff, leaders and parents in wellbeing and resilience. We empower all our young learners with the confidence to overcome setbacks and positively meet life’s challenges. We guide our students through discussions, group exercises and self-reflections combined with dynamic learning techniques using interactive platforms, videos, hands-on activities and stimulating classes. We give importance to developing the much needed emotional health, to tide over challenging times, through counselling and constant guidance, that ensures our students thrive academically, emotionally and socially.

Emphasis on Fluency in Spoken English

Exposure to Modern and Elizabethan literature with focus on skills of articulation. Promoting the interest of learning English language through the teaching of literature is considered to improve the proficiency of the students in the target language too. Learning literature is important and integral in the holistic development of the language of the students.

Sports & Activities

Our Sports & Activity program goes hand in hand with the academic program and we believe it is a vital part of the child’s growth. Students in Sports & Activities are coached to compete with an emphasis on teamwork & positive attitude. Our well researched curriculum ensures student participation in extra-curricular activities provides an opportunity for them to express their inner creativity and showcase their talent and skill in the areas of interest. Creativity, pro-social skills, problem solving, conflict resolution are some of the skills that children develop through play. Extra-curricular activities create opportunities to communicate, developing skills of negotiation and patience in children. We aim to guide students to work as a 'unit' and be team players.

An Integrated Approach

The curriculum encourages the integrated approach in learning, enabling the students to comprehend learning experiences as a unified whole to help them see meaningful linkages within and across various subject areas. It also focuses on making connections for students, allowing them to engage in relevant and meaningful activities that can be connected to real life.

Assessments & Evaluations

Many factors go into helping a child become a productive adult, and there is no way that a yearly assessment can measure success or failure. We don’t believe that one test on a couple of mornings can determine a child’s potential or a school’s quality. We are committed to shun this factory model of assessment. As emerging leaders in education, we constantly look at what it takes for students to succeed and help create a healthy environment for continuous acquisition of modern knowledge through research and practice, in accordance with the latest education policies. Our assessments are designed to capture attributes of learners in a holistic and integrated manner.

Individualized & Innovative Instructional Techniques

We at GDGHS are convinced that no two classes, or two students are alike. Hence we personalize our teaching techniques to enable visual, auditory and kinaesthetic learners to grasp and develop strong concepts through active involvement. Our school not only equips our students with the future-ready skills and tools to outlast technological advancements and rapid changing needs of the world, we also embrace innovation as a leading provider of education. We follow a holistic way of teaching and learning called STEAM which helps in sparkling imagination and creativity.

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