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Story Telling

Storytelling is used to awaken the imagination, build vocabulary and oral language. It helps to retain the attention and to teach subjects such as mathematics, history, geography, social studies, writing and reading.


Our teaching methods emphasise on nature and environmental stewardship. Children spend time outside, exploring the world around them, gaining a deeper understanding of science and nature studies

Flipped Classroom

At G D Goenka High School, we believe in embracing progressive strategies that promote a deeper understanding of subjects and foster active engagements among our students. In a Flipped classroom environment, we reverse the traditional form of teaching-learning and first expose the students to new material outside the traditional confines of the class, usually via E - reading material or lecture videos. Class time is used for active-learning activities, discussions or debates, and problem-solving, with the teacher providing guidance & support.

Main Lessons

Main lessons include all core subjects. These are taught in detail with activities and experiments, thereby allowing children to gain a deep and personal relationship with the material, retaining it longer.

Problem-Based Learning (PBL): Fostering Critical Thinkers and Problem Solvers

At G D Goenka High School, we believe that education should go beyond memorization and rote learning. That’s why we are proud to introduce Problem-Based Learning (PBL) as a cornerstone of our educational approach. Problem-Based Learning is an innovative and student-centred pedagogical approach that places complex, real-world problems at the heart of the learning experience. In a PBL environment, students are presented with authentic, open-ended challenges that require critical thinking, collaboration, and problem-solving skills. At G D Goenka High School, we are committed to nurturing well-rounded individuals who not only excel academically but also possess the skills and qualities needed to thrive in the modern world. Problem-Based Learning aligns perfectly with this vision. It empowers our students to become independent thinkers, effective communicators, and confident problem solvers, ready to face the challenges of the future with resilience and creativity.

Inquiry based learning

Children will learn by making real world connections through exploration and high level questioning.

Embracing Blended Learning: A Flexible Path to Academic Excellence

In our rapidly evolving educational landscape, G D Goenka High School remains dedicated to providing cutting-edge learning experiences that cater to the diverse needs of our students. One such innovative approach we embrace is “Blended Learning.” At G D Goenka High School, Blended Learning is seamlessly integrated into our curriculum, offering students the best of both worlds:

1. In-Person Instruction: Students attend traditional classes where they benefit from face-to-face interactions with teachers and peers. These sessions provide a supportive environment for discussions, hands-on activities, and collaborative learning.

2. Online Components: Complementing in-person classes, students have access to a robust online platform. Here, they can find supplementary materials, interactive lessons, quizzes, and resources that extend their learning beyond the classroom. This online component also allows for flexibility in scheduling and self-paced learning.

Differentiated Learning

Children will learn with tailored instructions as per their learning needs, where all the students will have the same learning goals but the instruction would vary based on student’s interests, preferences, strength, and struggles.



At the Foundation Years, the curriculum has been carefully curated to ensure that learning is joyful and child-centric. The ergonomic learning spaces ensure that the class room develops a positive atmosphere that facilitates learning in a free flowing and loving environment. To nurture their problem solving skills, our little ones participate in various activities that make them curious learners who understand and resolve problems. Hands on activities are encouraged as children understand concepts quicker if they experience them. Great emphasis is laid on Sensory Development. Each Activity is designed to develop the sensory skills of the young learners. In the Early Years itself, the School adopts a Theme Based approach to the process of learning and ensures that the students develop an integrated understanding about the various concepts being taught in the school. Toy based and Story based learning form an intrinsic part of the curriculum as they make learning meaningful and fun. We are committed to use innovative methodologies to nurture the latent talents of our little ones and we ensure that our children develop at their own individual pace. Our daily and weekly routines include Literacy, Numeracy, Environmental Science, Sensory Activities, Gross and Fine Motor Skill Development, Performing Arts, Visual Arts, Outdoor Play, Story Time, Reading Programmes, Emotional, Social and Practical Skills Development and other varied activities. As per the NEP guidelines we ensure the holistic development of each child’s heart, body, mind and spirit. We adopt the best teaching practices and our dedicated mentors ensure that the Foundation Years in our School are a melting pot of love, laughter and life-long learning.


The curriculum in the Preparatory Stage is derived to ensure the holistic growth of each child. We have curated the curriculum based on the recommendations made by the National Curriculum Framework 2022, which states that ‘to ensure the holistic development of the students, we have to develop the physical, intellectual and spiritual aspect of each child.’ In the Preparatory Stage, we embrace the key competencies for 21 st century learners such as creativity, critical thinking, collaboration and communication.  We also strive to inculcate other life enhancing skills like curiosity, confidence and cooperation. The Preparatory Stage has a hands – on approach wherein the child practically observes and participates in activities which involve touch, problem solving and personal involvement.

Theme based Learning forms an integral part of the curriculum wherein the Theme chosen for the month is mapped subject wise and then it is integrated into each subject. This instils confidence and teaches the students to collaborate and think critically. Project Based Learning enhances the problem solving ability of the students. We do not merely impart knowledge, but instead, we encourage the child to think critically. Our curriculum provides a rich variety of subjects and activities for students. Indian and foreign languages are taught as a part of the curriculum. Students also pursue Visual Arts, Performing Arts and Physical Education classes. Children are made to appreciate their culturally rich Indian Heritage and also explore various cultures and traditions of different countries. Students respect their local environment and maintain a global outlook, thereby emerging as true World citizens. Our mentors make an organised effort to teach how natural environments function. They guide the students to respect nature and the ecosystem and sensitize them to the need to collectively sustain and enhance the environment. At the Preparatory Stage, the wide spectrum of our curriculum encapsulates every facet of a child's growth with immense research and expertise because we believe that children are the world's most valuable resources and its best hope for the future.

Middle School

The curriculum at GD Goenka High School plays a pivotal role in shaping the journey of adulthood for our students. It seamlessly integrates traditional and contemporary learning tools, providing a coherent framework of academic challenges. Our school curriculum embodies a well-thought-out framework of academic challenges carefully designed to foster intellectual growth, social, physical and emotional development, and a comprehensive understanding of various disciplines. Its comprehensive nature strives to provide students with a balanced education that caters to their individual needs and interests while adhering to national educational standards. Beyond content-specific learning objectives, our curriculum takes into consideration various cognitive abilities, helping students strengthen their problem-solving capabilities, enhance their communication skills, and broaden their horizons through exposure to different ideas and perspectives. At GD Goenka High School, we strive to offer our students a diverse and enriching learning experience.

Secondary School

At GD Goenka High School, Secondary curriculum embraces the importance of exploring new world concepts, aiming to prepare our students for an ever-changing global society. The curriculum integrates contemporary issues and topics relevant to students lives to create meaningful connections between classroom learning and their personal experiences. We promote critical thinking by providing students with a wide range of opportunities to develop skills such as analysis, evaluation, and problem-solving. Teachers facilitate this process by encouraging students to engage in discussions and debates that require them to consider different perspectives and weigh the merits of various ideas. In addition to subject- specific critical thinking skills, our curriculum also emphasizes the development of higher- order thinking skills such as logical reasoning, creativity, and independent judgment. This holistic approach not only enhances academic performance but also strengthens students understanding of themselves and their place in the world.

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